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Plagiarism and copyright infringement

The study argues that the current regulation of plagiarism and self-plagiarism, as defined by the provisions of Law no. 206/2004 regarding the conduct in scientific research, technological development and innovation and sanctioned according to the procedures stipulated in Law no. 1/2011 on the National Education, the Law no. 319/2003 regarding the Status of Research and Development Personnel and the Government Decision no. 681/2011 approving the Code of Doctoral Studies, as amended by Government Decision no. 134/2016, is able to effectively prevent and punish breaches of the rules of good conduct in research and development and to ensure that the academic standards practiced by Romanian universities comply with rules of good conduct of academic work already adopted and applied by European universities, provided that, under the principle of university autonomy exercised „only under public accountability”, Romanian universities and research institution find pragmatic solutions that allow university professors, students and researchers to know what plagiarism and self-plagiarism consist of, how to avoid them, what are the rules of academic writing, what are the rules for taking from the works of other authors (protected or not by copyright) texts, expressions or ideas, any data or any kind of information, what are the sanctions for committing plagiarism and self-plagiarism. It is essential that the sanctions provided by the law are effectively applied in reality. Only by adopting and implementing such effective and pragmatic measures, including the effective use of computer programs for the detection of plagiarism and self-plagiarism, may be avoided the risk of undermining the academic standards adopted and practiced by Romanian universities and of discrediting the diplomas issued by Romanian universities.