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Contract of mandate

The study generally dedicated to the agency, and particularly to the mandate contract, took into consideration the theoretical, but especially practical importance of this type of contract, which allows a person to conclude a legal document without being present, as he/she may be represented, which confers that person many advantages. The study focused on the conventional mandate, without entering into the details of the administrative or judicial mandate. One of the issues strongly dealt with refers to the form of the mandate, a topic that involves delicate aspects of private international law, on which settlement the more difficult or easier access of the citizen to justice depends. Then, we referred to the object of the mandate, to the terminology used by the legislator to define the mandate, considering that the definition of the mandate “with representation” or “without representation” is an obsolete, tautological terminology. Last but not least, we referred to the mandate “without representation” (imperfect) only tangentially, without entering into details, explaining those forms of the contract of mandate specific to the professionals’ activity.