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Reflections on currency in private law

In this article, the authors deal with the notion of currency, short historical and economic considerations, the legal functions and characteristics of the currency, the monetary unit, the monetary instruments, the ownership of the currency and the pecuniary obligations. Whoever says economic, says pecuniary, namely monetary. In our legal civilization, everything is expressed in currency. Behind every good, every obligation and even every person, the law acknowledges the money. In the authors’ opinion, the result of all changes to the monetary unit is in line with proportions that the lawyer has to know, even if they are approximate, because, without referring to them, one cannot understand the practical functioning of the property right, the contract law and the obligations. In the relationships between individuals, which are in particular a civil law matter, the Euro is still a facultative currency, while the Leu is the only mandatory currency; this is the reason why the national law will be maintained as study basis, while the European law innovations will intervene only simultaneously.