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Legal transplants (I). De

In this study, the author Daniel MOREANU, in his capacity as Lawyer, presents certain general considerations regarding the notion and the influence of the “legal transplants” over the law systems, in the general internationalizationcontext predominating over the global market, including, but not limited to the legal field. Starting from a complete definition of this complex notion, the author examines the historical sources of the emergence and development of the notion of “legal transplants”. Noticing that there are controversies in the international legal literature regarding their existence itself, the author presents the opinions of two (2) of the most important authors in the field and further continues to examine the types of “legal transplants” identified by those who have examined this subject in a more detailed way. The taxonomy and the factors which contribute to the success of a “legal transplant” represent as well, interesting subjects and shall represent the object of a subsequent study.