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Organization of the system of remedies at law in the French procedural law

The French civil procedure is one of the most influential procedural systems. Like the civil code in the substantive law, the French procedural law represented also a model for a large number of continental (Roman) systems, including in relation to the institutions in the matter of the remedies at law. Our civil procedural law has a special relation with the French law, which represents the model of our law in this matter, as well. This source was referred to many times. The French law was important in the matter just upon the introduction of the modern procedural regulation in our legislation. In the latest years, two important normative acts introduced as well, solutions and institutions taken over from the French procedure. It is about the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 138/2000 and about the new code of civil procedure2). Due to the affinity between these two systems, the examination of the French civil procedure is a necessary undertaking both for the adequate understanding of certain institutions in our law and for the identification of certain opportunities to improve the domestic law.