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Controversial issues in the field of labor law

About a number of controversial issues in the field of labor law, the study stated that: it imposes a legal obligation of fidelity realization of the employee to the employer during the execution of the individual labor contract, if the unit does not exist no representative trade union or elected representatives of employees, the employer is still obliged under the principle of good faith, to consult his employees (when the law imposes such consultation) retroactivity rule invalid individual employment contract involves an exception, namely in the payroll materials provided (art. 57 par. 5 of the Labour Code); criteria that must\r\nbe considered in order to determine the applicable disciplinary sanction refers to a single employer and not the previous employer, the contract individual work was and is still a contract intuitu personae, the first Labour Code in Romania is\r\nthe 1950, not the 1912 Law of the trades, loan and insurance workers.