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Promissory agreements – special approach on the real estate alienation promissory agreement

The study hereinafter is dedicated to firm promissory agreements. Whereas the material importance of these legal figures is manifest in the field of real estate alienations, the sphere of interest of the work focuses precisely on these promissory agreements. Whereas the entry into force of the Civil Code carries forth significant novelties in the field, a detailed analysis of this topic deemed requisite. The first part of the study is focused upon a contractual loan formula - the option pact, as well as the role played by this legal formula within the framework of unilateral promissory agreements. The second part, broader, is dedicated to the bilateral promissory agreements. The purpose of this study is to check to what extent there is, in terms of promissory agreements, a national tradition, how valid this was and whether the scope of the new regulations is a matter reform or not.