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The Financial Crisis Of The Administrative-Territorial Units And Their Insolvency

Starting from the framework regulation of the financial crisis of the administrative-territorial units contained in art. 74 of Law no. 273/2006 regarding the local public finance and the insolvency of the respective unit, contained in art. 75 of the same Law, normative provisions which became effective on the 1st of December 2008 and were suspended on the 19th of March 2008 until the effective date of a special law in the matter, announced by art. 85 of the Law, however not yet drawn up until the end of the year 2012, the study examines the critical items of the two procedures just as they are outlined by the aforementioned provisions, highlighting their shortcomings and proposing – finally – the abrogation of art.75 and the adequate amendment of art.74, with its compliance with the provisions of the regulatory acts adopted in the matter until October 2012 and, with precedence, with the provisions of the Government Ordinance no. 22/2002, as subsequently amended and supplemented, and with the provisions of the Government Emergency Ordinance no.47/2012 on the liquidation of arrears.