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Liability of airline company for bodily injury or death of passengers under the montreal convention

Air carriers’ liability for damage suffered by passengers following bodily injury or death of a passenger occurred during an air flight is internationally regulated by the Warsaw Convention3) and the Montreal Convention4). The two Conventions of paramount importance in establishing the liability of airlines set different rules in terms of the limits of the damage and proving airline’s fault. It is therefore important to establish precisely the international standard applicable to each particular case. Romania ratified the Warsaw Convention by Law no. 1213/1931 and it ratified the Montreal Convention by Government Ordinance no. 107/2000, approved by Law no. 14/2001. This article treats the Montreal Convention in respect of air carriers’ liability for death or bodily injury suffered by passengers.

The analysis refers to the historical and legal context at the moment of the adoption of the Montreal Convention and compares its provisions to those of the Warsow Convention from the point of view of its applicability and the principles that made it famous.